C&C Myers – 40 Years of Expertise

jim clark of c&c myers

Over the summer, owner Jim Clark has been seen in the news multiple times, by not only local news channels, but national news channels.

It has been an honor to be able to share our story about our company and its development and grown over the last few years. Check out our story below!

C&C Myers of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina takes great pride in its longevity. The company has been providing heating and cooling services to the Charleston Tri-City area for over forty years, expanding their services into plumbing and drains, in order to provide a complete residential home performance menu to its clients. C&C Myers says that its longevity has provided them with a rational perspective about technology. They believe that the modern consumer is an informed one and that they appreciate not only long-term energy reduction, but how routine home maintenance and cleaner appliances can improve the health of those exposed to the air. This is why the company is owned and led by a mechanical engineer, a Certified Environmental Consultant (CIEC), a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Professional and Home Energy Rater (HERS) on staff in order to use building science to develop the most energy-efficient, and clean-home solutions in the region.

“We are members of this community and we want to provide the absolute best to our customers,” says CEO Jim Clark. “We have technicians that review the home to ensure that there is no mold or potential for it, evaluate the ducts and appliances in order to ensure that all systems are running optimally—something that lowers energy costs. It is never our goal to push our customers into buying a new system, but rather help our customers budget for a new one while we can keep the old ones running smoothly.”

Clark says that preventative home maintenance is vital as outside temperatures rise and that it can help to not only reduce energy costs but prevents mold, eliminates pollen as well as dust that can make residents ill. The company is a proponent of educating their customers and often refers them reputable information provided by organizations in their profession.

“What people don’t realize is that your home can contribute to health issues, especially during summer and winter months .” says Clark. “We’re often referred out by local Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists for our clean home solutions. We will go out to area homes where people are having issues and conduct tests and perform helpful maintenance. I tell everyone that it is always beneficial to educated themselves on the dangers of indoor air pollutants.”

C&C Myers approach to customer education and service has made them a local favorite. They are honored to have made the Moultrie News, “Best AC Company East of the Cooper”, by reader survey eight out of the past ten years. For more information visit their website.