3 Of The Most Common Reasons To Call For Plumbing Services

The plumbing is the single most used fixture in any home, and according to the EPA, the average American family of four uses around 400 gallons of water per day, with 70% of this amount coming from the indoor plumbing. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that your plumbing is an incredibly important part of your home that you use often, but may not always think about as frequently as you should. With so much use, plumbing is bound to break down or occasionally malfunction for any number of reasons, leading you to call on plumbing services to fix the problem and get your home up and running again.

We want to break down the top 3 most common reasons home and business owners call their local plumbing services, and what can be done by you to avoid having these common minor problems become much larger ones.

Toilet And Drain Clogs

Toilets and drains will occasionally clog, and this could be due to flushing or allowing too much or inappropriate solid matter into the pipes, or buildup accumulated over time. One thing is for certain, however, and that is a clogged drain or toilet can lead to a serious issue if not monitored and taken care of. When toilets are allowed to back up, the bathroom can quickly become contaminated by human waste, which can lead to a hazardous and messy situation.

The quickest way to remove minor clogs in toilets and drains is with a plunger, which uses air pressure to de-clog the fixture and get things running smoothly again. Many think that plungers are only for toilets, but they actually work well with sink or shower drains as well. The plunger will either push the clog downward and where it can get through the pipe, or upward to allow you to pull the matter out of the drain using tools like tweezers or pliers.

However, if your clog cannot be cleared using a plunger, chemical drain cleaner, or other de-clogging tools found at local home stores, it will be time to call on your local plumbing services to ensure you’re not doing harm to your pipes. Frequent use of chemical drain cleaners can damage pipes, and if clogs are happening too frequently it may signify an issue with the pipe itself, and calling a local plumber will ensure your pipes are left in good standing and any problems that may be leading to clogs are rectified.

Sudden Low Water Pressure

A sudden drop in water pressure can be caused by either a problem in your home’s plumbing system, or a problem with a water main. If you experience sudden low water pressure, contacting a local friend or neighbor and asking if they, too, are sharing in the experience can let you know if it’s a water main problem or a problem you should call your plumber about.

If the water main is in good working order, you then may want to check other faucets or showers in the home to determine if build-up may be the issue. Water buildup on faucets and showers can lead to weakened water pressure, and in these instances a cleaning of the build-up can be an easy at-home fix to get your water pressure back to where it’s supposed to be.

If the main isn’t the problem, and neither is build-up, it’ll then be time to call on your local plumbing services to see if a leak somewhere within the home’s plumbing could be the root cause. These leaks may happen behind walls or in other hidden areas of the home, leading to a lot of water waste and damage you may not realize is happening. Your plumber will be able to determine if and where the leak is happening, and what must be done to fix the leak and restore your pressure once again.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can be quite tricky, and the fix can either be a very simple one or one that’s rather complex. With how often they’re used, homeowners can expect to call a local plumbing service due to leaky or dripping faucets at some point, or at multiple points, in the life of their home. Most often the dripping will be caused by wear and tear on the washer mechanism that creates a seal on the tap, but deterioration, broken valves, and damage due to high water pressure are all possible causes as well.

A dripping faucet may seem like no big deal, but it can signify bigger problems and cost you up to 10% more per year on your water bill if left untreated. For dripping faucets, we always recommend calling a local plumbing service to ensure the core problem is fixed, water isn’t wasted, and the dripping isn’t simply a symptom of a much larger problem that is going to cause greater damage to the plumbing in your home.