Plumbing Repair & Service

The team at C&C Myers Heating & AC can help with many plumbing issues that may arise such as slow sinks, running toilets, or leaky pipes. We offer many plumbing solutions to fit every home & budget. Our team has the tools & know how to assess the problem quickly and get the job done right. When you need quick, effective plumbing service & repairs, contact C&C Myers Heating & AC in Charleston, SC, Mt Pleasant, SC, Mount Pleasant, SC to get your home back in working order.

Plumbing Repair in Mount Pleasant

Did your pipe burst in Mount Pleasant? Call C&C Myers today for immediate plumbing services.

If a pipe burst in your home, it can seem like an absolute nightmare for you and your family. The first thing you should do when a pipe bursts in your home is to contact our experienced plumbers at C&C Myers Heating & AC. If a pipe bursts & goes unattended, a variety of issues can occur. Not only will it flood your home but it can deteriorate the floors & walls. Luckily, C&C Myers Heating & AC provides emergency plumbing services to Charleston, SC, Mt Pleasant, SC, Mount Pleasant, SC to take care of any plumbing issue day or night.

Plumbing Service in Mount Pleasant and The Surrounding Areas

When the weather reaches cold temperatures, the water that is resting in your pipes can freeze. The ice now sitting inside those pipes expand, putting pressure on the pipes causing them to break. If water begins to rush out of a busted pipe, it is an emergency situation. The water that is now flowing out of your pipes can be detrimental to your health. Water can flood over into areas with electrical devices, causing a dangerous situation for your family. Not to mention while having a burst pipe, your home will be without water. Whenever a pipe busts or break, call the team at C&C Myers Heating & AC. We specialize in plumbing repair, service & installation. Making an appointment is easy, give us a call at 843.881.7588 and learn about all the plumbing services we offer!