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Hot Water Heaters

Every home needs a functioning hot water heater. You just can’t live comfortably without one. We understand that you need your hot water heater working well so that you can love the life you’re living, so we’ll work hard to make sure that your water heater in Mount Pleasant is providing you with plenty of hot water so you don’t have to worry.

 If your hot water heater isn’t working or you’re interested in talking about your options, give us a call. We’ll send out a hot water heater expert to repair your current unit or help you choose the right kind of water heater for you and your family. We’ll always take into consideration the size of your home and the number of people who live there so we can help you make a wise decision.


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Types of Water Heaters

For many years, there was only one basic type of water heater. These are the large, cylindrical heaters that sit in your utility area. They are called conventional or tank water heaters, because that large cylinder actually houses water tanks that hold your hot water inside and keep it warm. When you need water, these tanks empty and refill, and that hot water gets pumped throughout your house.

 If you want a tank water heater, you’ll need to decide whether you want yours to be gas or electric. An electric water heater is not as common anymore, though they are still popular in some areas of the country. Most people use a gas water heater, which is what we recommend and will install. These can be less expensive to run and can heat your water faster, so you won’t have to go without for very long even if you do use it all up in one go.

 You can also get a tankless water heater. These are small units that hang on your wall, usually close to where your conventional water heater would be. They don’t store water but, instead, will heat the water as you need it. They heat quickly and effectively, so you don’t usually have to wait any longer than normal for hot water to come pouring out of your tap. These units are often more expensive to install initially, but they will cost you less in utilities because you don’t have to pay to keep water warm when it’s cold.

Signs You Need Water Heater Help

If you lose all of your hot water entirely, then it’s easy to know that you need hot water heater help in Mount Pleasant. However, your water heater can give you some other signs that there’s a problem. If you notice any of these, it’s time to get your water heater repaired. Repair it fast, and you won’t have to deal with losing hot water entirely. 

  • Your hot water doesn’t last. If your hot water used to last longer, it’s time to have someone take a look at your water heater.
  • Your hot water doesn’t get as hot. If you notice this, check the temperature setting on the heater itself first. If that hasn’t moved, get someone out to repair your heater.
  • Your water heater makes noises. It should work almost silently. Loud clonks and bangs mean that it’s time to call a professional
  • Your water heater has corrosion. If you can look at the heater and see corrosion, it’s time to get it checked out.

 Call us at C&C Myers for all of your hot water heater needs. We will get to you fast and assess the problem, then get everything working for you again fast.