drain needing drain cleaning in charleston & mount pleasantDrain Cleaning & Sewer Service

If there’s a problem with your drains or sewers, it’s hard to live well. In fact, it can be difficult to do very much in your house at all! Don’t let these problems wait! At the first sign of a drain or sewer issue, call us at C&C Myers. We’ll get to you fast, assess your needs, then perform your drain repair or mainline sewer service fast. Before you know it, your life will be back to normal again!

Drain Cleaning

Most drain cleaning in Mount Pleasant is simple and straightforward. Even if the clog is resistant to Drano or other home remedies, it can’t resist our professional plumbing snakes. These are robust-yet-flexible metal tubes with hooks or points on the end. Our plumbers will thread them through your pipes until they find the clog. At that point, we’ll work to break the clog up or remove it entirely. Soon, your drain repair will be complete!

If your clog is deeper in the sewer line, your drain cleaning in Charleston may involve replacing sections of pipe. We’ll use the latest technology to find your clog, then determine the best way to access it so we can remove it or replace the clogged section of pipe. We’ll do the least invasive repair possible, so you can get your drain cleaning in Mount Pleasant over as soon as possible.

Sewer Service

If the problem is even deeper in your system, chances are good that the clog is in your sewer. We’ll come out and scope your sewer using a camera on a flexible cable. This shows us where your clog is and what it’s made of, which allows us to choose the best sewer service in Charleston for your home.

Whenever possible, our sewer service in Mount Pleasant is performed without digging a trench. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your entire yard or taking out trees. Instead, well do your mainline sewer service via the access port in your basement or utility area. Most of the time, we can get your clog out this way, without having to dig up your yard!

We often use hydrojetting to perform your sewer service in Charleston. This involves shooting a highly-concentrated stream of water through your sewer line. When it encounters the clog, it breaks it up. It can even break up tree roots! We can also use this to clean out your entire sewer line so it looks like new when we’re done! This is a quick and easy way to complete your sewer service in Mount Pleasant.

Whether you need help with your sewer or drain cleaning in Charleston, the expert plumbers at C&C Myers will be there for you.You don’t have to face these problems alone! Call us and we’ll get to you fast, assess the situation, then perform the best possible fix for your home. Stop wondering if we can help and call C&C Myers to schedule your appointment today!