6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned Every 3 To 5 Years

Your home is one of your largest investments – if not the largest. It’s important to ensure that it offers you everything you need, and that includes having a good HVAC system installed in your home. HVAC provides South Carolina residents with a system that can heat and cool a home, letting them remain as comfortable as possible no matter the outside temperatures.

That HVAC system is another big investment, and it’s important to keep it working at its best throughout the lifespan of the home. One step that is fairly simple to understand but that is often overlooked by homeowners is cleaning out your air ducts. The ductwork that runs throughout the home carries the air to and from each room, and making sure that it’s clean is vital for a good system and good performance.

Since your HVAC system has a direct impact on every room of your home, it’s important that it stays in the best working order possible. However, the convenience involved in running an HVAC system means that it is often overlooked throughout the year. People spend plenty of time maintaining and cleaning other parts of their home, but a good HVAC system works so well that it’s taken for granted.

This shouldn’t be the case, and it’s always important to keep the filters changed on your system – but it’s also important to keep those ducts clean and free from dirt and debris. If you’re not convinced, here are the main reasons that cleaning air ducts every 3 to 5 years is a must. The following benefits could be experienced with a simple cleaning.

  • Better Performance – Buildups of dust, debris, and other contaminants can restrict the airflow moving through your ducts. This in turn leads to a reduced overall performance since the system is working harder to draw and move air back to your rooms. In doing so, you get much better overall performance and faster cooling or heating.
  • Fewer Allergy Issues – The amount of pollen, dust, dander, and other allergens that can enter your HVAC system is often surprising to many. As a result, if you fail to clean out your ducts periodically you can end up with many of those allergies being cycled through the system and back out into your home. As a result, those who suffer from allergies will find that cleaning their ducts could help improve their quality of life.
  • Reduced Risk Of Mold – Mold growth is another major issue, and dormant contaminants in the ducts can lead to mold growth that can create respiratory problems and lead to other health issues. Cleaning your ducts can help promote better overall health for you and your family. It’s especially important for those with children and older people in the home.
  • Better Air Quality and Smell – Overall, the air quality in your home could be greatly improved thanks to a good air duct cleaning. Better air quality means better overall health and a much fresher feel to every room in your home. It also helps improve the smell of your home, removing the musky smell that can be present and replacing it with a crisp, clean smell and overall feel.
  • Lower Operating Costs – Clogged ducts, even those that just have slight buildups of debris inside them, could make it harder for your HVAC to pull air through it. When your HVAC system is working harder, it draws more energy and as a result it ends up costing more to run. In other words, by cleaning the duct work and improving airflow, you end up saving yourself money throughout the year on lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Prevents Major Problems – An HVAC system costs a considerable amount of money, and having to have an HVAC repair if your system stops working can cost a tremendous amount as well. As a result, failing to maintain your system could end up costing you thousands in repairs. But by cleaning ducts, you help prevent a repair from even being needed. The initial cost of a cleaning is far less than that repair would be.

The bottom line is that not only will regular duct cleaning provide you with better performance, but it will also end up saving you money in the long run. By avoiding the need for expensive HVAC repair calls and improving efficiency, this is a simple step that provides you with big results.

However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t something you can achieve on your own. You may be able to access some of the duct on your own, but the high powered duct cleaning systems needed to properly clean out the system is only available by contacting your HVAC service technician. The best HVAC services will gladly get your ducts clean and working at their best again, so don’t overlook what they offer.