Why HVAC Contractors Recommend Heat Pumps

Looking for a greener way to heat your home—not only to save the planet, but to cut down your energy bill, too? Your HVAC specialist knows just the thing: heat pumps. Efficient and reliable, heat pumps are a fantastic option for regulating the temperature in your home without breaking the bank. Perfect to both heat and cool your home, heat pumps are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to stay comfortable all year long.

Heat pumps are unique because they don’t rely on combustion to generate warmth. That means there’s no burning gas, oil, wood, or any other materials that may emit harmful chemicals into the air. Rather than creating new energy, a heat pump absorbs heat from the ground or from the air outside, then circulates it throughout your home.

When it’s hot outside, your heat pump works in reverse. It pulls heat from your home and transfers it outside, keeping your house cool inside.

Since your heat pump moves existing warm or cool air, rather than heating or cooling air by itself, you can end up cutting energy costs by 30 – 40 percent! And don’t think you need to sacrifice functionality for a discount, either. Heat pumps give you a range of control over your home’s temperature, giving you the flexibility to:

  • Customize the temperature of specific rooms
  • Easily switch between heating and cooling options
  • Raise or lower temperatures quickly
  • Place your heat pump almost anywhere, since there’s no need to vent gasses

Because they don’t burn gas or rely on combustion, heat pumps are also:

  • Typically safer to operate
  • Less expensive to run
  • Better dehumidifiers. They don’t generate dry air when producing heat, meaning you don’t need to use a humidifier to combat overly dry air

With routine care and maintenance, your heat pump will have a long and productive lifespan. If you’re constantly using your pump, you may want to change the filter about once every month. You may be able to stretch that out to every three months if you only use it periodically. It’s best to consult with a trusted HVAC contractor to determine the exact needs of your heat pump.

You should also have your heat pump inspected annually to make sure it’s running properly. Regular inspections and cleanings will help extend the life of your heat pump and keep it working all year long.

A heat pump can help simplify your heating and cooling needs, while helping you cut down on energy costs. They are recommended for a reason! If you’re ready to see if a heat pump fits your home’s needs, give us a call today.