HVAC Services And Crawl Space Encapsulation

Your home’s heating and cooling system is very important in order to keep it comfortable for you. Installing it or calling HVAC services for routine maintenance will ensure that you stay cool during the summer and warm during the wintertime, but there are steps beyond just installing an HVAC system that may help your home even more.

One perfect example that deserves some attention is crawl space encapsulation. This is gaining popularity as more and more people begin to realize what it can do for their home, and when considering contacting HVAC services it’s worth asking about it as well.

But what is it, exactly? The name does a good job of explaining the process – technicians will encapsulate your crawlspace area using a specially designed covering. Special tape is used to seal all seams, leaving the crawlspace completely covered with the new encapsulation.

This system offers several key benefits to homes and homeowners. These include the following.

  • Encapsulation helps reduce the chance of moisture finding its way into your home. This blocks out the chance of mold growth and mildew, which can help promote better air quality within the home.
  • The encapsulation helps to provide some additional insulation, and prevents the muggy feeling that occurs in many SC homes during the summer.
  • Encapsulation can help to improve the performance of your HVAC unit and also help keep them in better shape, reducing potential damage and ensuring that you protect your investment – this is one of the main reasons that HVAC services regularly offer this service.
  • The federal government offers tax breaks and incentives for those who take steps to improve the energy efficiency of their home. Crawl space encapsulation counts, and can help you get those tax rebates.
  • When the time comes to sell a home, having an encapsulated crawl space is something that can help it stand out and improve the chances of getting a quick sale.

In short, crawl space encapsulation is a quick, easy process that can usually be completed in a day or two but that will leave your home with a crawlspace that will benefit the entire house for decades to come.