How To Maintain Your HVAC System In A Coastal Climate

coastal climate can be hard on hvac system

Ah, the beach.

Where the water washes away your worries, and the smell of the ocean air makes you feel refreshed and exhilarated.


I think we can all agree, the beach is one of the most wonderful places to live, especially a Charleston beach. Although it is nice to be near these coastal elements, we all know the effects sand and salt can have on you. Between salty sea rashes, bad tan lines, and pesty seagulls the beach can really throw some obstacles your way. Living in a coastal environment can not only make your daily tasks twice as difficult, but your AC units as well.

Like most things you leave outside for a period of time they start to deteriorate because of natural causes. The same is true about your AC unit. Salt and sand can really pose a threat to your HVAC system. The metals can become corroded and deteriorate when left out in the salty air, as well as the coils in your HVAC system. This, in return, could shorten the lifespan of your AC unit. The condenser coils, which are typically made of copper, and the aluminum fins are most susceptible to corrosion from exposure to the salty air. If not properly maintained, the coils can quickly deteriorate and the aluminum fins can be stripped away, which can reduce airflow and minimize the overall heating and cooling transfer.


Does this mean if you’re living at the beach you’re AC unit is doomed? No, absolutely not! But it does mean you might need to give your AC a little extra attention from time to time.

One benefit of the maintenance agreement with C&C Myers is the regularly scheduled preventative maintenance checks. Having one of our service technicians inspect your system every few months helps your unit stay running smoothly for years to come. If you maintain these service checks it will help minimize your chance of your system falling victim of nasty emergency repairs.


Some things you can do to make sure your system doesn’t fall victim so quickly is:

  • Change your filters: your filters are your systems first line of defense and those filters can get very dirty, very fast. Changing them out regularly is an easy way to maintain a clean and functioning AC unit.
  • Rinsing off your coils: rinsing off your coils with water will alleviate salt build up and corrosion.
  • Scheduling Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining your preventative maintenance checks every 6 months can help minimize your chances of emergency repairs and help stay in front of any small issues so that your unit will run smoothly and efficiently.


If you notice you’re having some issues with your system, or you need to schedule your preventative maintenance, don’t hesitate to call the experts located East of the Cooper; C&C Myers Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Drains! 843.881.7588