Could HVAC Services Improve Your Health?

One part of our HVAC Services is air duct cleaning, and if there is one part of your home you want to be clean for your health, it’s your air duct system. With a dirty air duct system, you may not smell, see, or hear anything wrong, but you’ll sure feel it after a while. Dust, dirt, various allergens, and pollen will all get trapped within the air ducts of your home, blowing particles into the air you breathe, and leading these irritants into your lungs. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends calling a local HVAC service to clean your air ducts once every three to five years to ensure the air in your home is healthy and irritant-free.

For those with allergies, the mold and pollen that gets trapped in uncleaned air ducts can worsen allergy symptoms and prolong seasonal allergies to last throughout the year. If your springtime allergy symptoms seem to last right through the summer, it may have nothing to do with the allergens outside, and everything to do with the allergens hiding in the unseen ducts of your home. With our HVAC Services, allergy sufferers won’t be subjected to unnecessary prolonged symptoms caused by a buildup of allergens settling in your ducts.

If you’re experiencing frequent sinus or respiratory infections, the root cause could be your air ducts in these situations, too. When the standing fungi, bacteria, and virus particles are blown through the ducts and into your air through the heating or cooling systems, they settle into the sinuses or lungs when you breathe, causing sinus and respiratory infections with no immediately known cause. For those who are immunosuppressed, these infections can lead to serious complications, and they can be long-lasting and bothersome to those with healthy immune systems just as well. A thorough cleaning of the air duct systems of your home can ensure these virus and bacteria particles are cleared from the ducts and kept from finding their way to you and your family.

Calling your local HVAC services regularly can make your family feel better in several ways. With clean ducts, dust buildup is lessened, allergens are cleared out, bacteria and viruses are kept at bay, and your heating and cooling systems actually work more efficiently all throughout your home. With the heating and cooling systems working better, energy bills also see a positive impact, lessening stress as you’re keeping a cleaner home with cleaner air.