Is Duct Sealing The Heating Repair You Didn’t Know Your Home Needed?

If your heating and cooling system uses forced air, you probably know just how important your ducts are. The ducts are used to distribute the temperate air all around your house, as it pumps from your HVAC system and keeps your home at just the temperature you want it. However, do you know if you’re actually getting all of that warm or cool air? In the winter especially, drafty rooms will feel draftier, and you’ll find yourself frustrated that you can’t seem to achieve the temperature you actually want. In instances like these, your home may be in need of duct sealing, which ensures that you’re getting the type of air you want and are paying for.

How Do I Know If I Need Duct Sealing?

In terms of heating repair, you’ll know you need duct sealing in two important ways:

1. Your home isn’t as warm as it should be – If you feel like you’re constantly playing around with the thermostat, and still feel chillier than you’d expect from the setting, you could be in need of a duct sealing.

2. Your energy bills are higher – If you notice an energy bill increase when compared to last year, but there isn’t a known cause, this, too, could be a sign that a duct sealing is needed. The warm air you lose is still warm air you’re paying for, and your HVAC system is being forced to work harder and output more simply in order to keep your home at the correct temperature.

With duct sealing services, you’re getting the heating repair you need to ensure control over the warmth of your home and paying only for the energy you need to get it that way.

How Does Duct Sealing Work?

Whether due to poor construction or age breaking down the ducts, small cracks and holes will begin to form in your duct system. With holes and cracks, the duct system is no longer leak-proof, causing the warm air your HVAC system creates to be lost before it’s ever made its way into its rooms of destination. In the typical house without sealed ducts, around 20-30% of the warm or cool air intended to blow into the home through the ducts is lost in transit. What this does is causes your HVAC system to work harder to push even more air out to make up for the air lost, which in turn costs you more in your monthly energy bills.

Duct sealing takes care of all those little holes, cracks, or leaks, and seals up your ducts to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit from your HVAC system’s hard work.

The Benefits Of Duct Sealing

Whether as a heating repair or cooling repair job, depending on what time of year you notice your leaky ducts, duct sealing comes along with many benefits, and some you may not have considered. Not only does it help you to save money on your monthly energy bills, but did you know it can improve your home’s safety as well? A few of the benefits of duct sealing include:

  • Improves the quality of your indoor air – Duct sealing lessens your risk of unintended pollutants entering your home through your ducts. If you’ve ever noticed an odd smell in the home coming from the ducts, this could be a sign that duct sealing is necessary. Insulation particles, dust, and outdoor chemical irritants could be making their way into your ducts through unsealed areas, to be later inhaled by you and your family.
  • Improves home safety – If your heating system produces combustion gases, leaky ducts could be causing those dangerous gasses to find their way and into your home. This process is called backdrafting, and pushes the gasses back into your home rather than outdoors where they are intended.
  • Improves environment – The energy that we use to heat or cool our homes often comes from power plants within our neighborhoods that run on fossil fuels. When your heating or cooling system has to work that much harder to keep your home warm or cool, more fuel will be needed to make up for the energy lost. When more fuel is burned, more pollution is released back into the air.

Duct sealing is a way you can take control of your heating or cooling system, and the energy bills that come along with it. As a heating repair, duct sealing services can be the one thing that helps you to solve that drafty room mystery, or answer the question of the odd smell that seems to come from nowhere when you turn your heating system on for the season. With a duct sealing, you can rest assured you are taking the best approach to keeping your home comfortable, your family safe, and your environment happy.