Heat Pumps

With so many practical, convenient, and environmental benefits, it’s no wonder the popularity of heat pumps is on the rise. An efficient and reliable alternative to separate cooling and heating, a heat pump combines the best of everything in one smart package. Switch easily from cooling to heating, quickly raise or lower temperatures, and enjoy complete customization of specific rooms through zoned control. What’s not to love? And the experienced professionals from C&C Myers Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Drains facilitate installation, providing quick turnaround time, quality work, and informed recommendations.

Electric heat pumps are a wonderful answer to year-round temperature control. If you currently rely on electricity heating, the switch to a heat pump can cut electrical use by as much as 30% to 40% percent. Modern heat pumps also deliver superior dehumidification when compared to standard central air conditioners, greatly improving comfort and allowing for higher thermostat settings. Available in a diverse selection of sizes and styles, you’ll also find a long list of rewarding features, including energy tracking, adaptable speed, remote operation, and Wifi compatibility.

A heat pump integrates very easily into your home. There is no requirement of a flue to vent exhaust gasses, allowing more flexibility in location. The temperature swings that are often a problem with more conventional systems are avoided and replaced by a more consistent heating and cooling. These systems do not burn fuel to generate it. Heat transfer eliminates the combustion process, allowing for safer, more environmentally friendly operation.

Professional Heat Pump Installation in Mt Pleasant

The longevity and dependability of your heat pump is impacted by care and maintenance. If dust and debris is allowed to build up within the system, adjustments and tuning ignored, efficiency will diminish. Proactive measures help fight off higher energy bills, costly repairs, and shortened service life. C&C Myers Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Drains offers professional maintenance, handling the necessary cleaning, troubleshooting, and upkeep. We also provide 24/7 emergency service, should you experience any problems or concerns with your heat pump.

We first opened our doors in 2000, and since then C&C Myers Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Drains has continued to expand through the recommendations of our valued customers. Through reliable and economical solutions to the most complex home comfort challenges, we build lasting and satisfying relationships with our clients. We would love to handle your temperature needs with the same conscientious and personalized attention. Contact us to get started enjoying your home in a whole new, wonderful way!

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