Gas Lanterns

gas lantern installation mt pleasant

Adding gas lanterns to your home in Mt. Pleasant can be a great way to enhance the ambiance of your space. Depending on the particular lanterns you choose, they can give your home or office a classic, historic, or rustic feel. At C&C Myers, we can install, repair, and maintain your lanterns so they last for generations.

When it comes to gas lantern installation, we want to find the solution that’s right for you. We offer a range of lantern choices that can be arranged to fit your needs and your budget. If you want to install lanterns, let us come out, look at your space, and talk to you about your options. Once you choose one, we’re equipped to handle the installation, too.

We will make sure everything is up to code when we professionally install gas lanterns. We will place your lanterns so that they are not too close from anything that could catch on fire, and we’ll make sure that your gas lines are the right size and the right material to conform to the particular specifications of the lanterns you choose. Before we leave, we’ll check your gas lines for leaks, to ensure that your lanterns are completely safe.

If you already have lanterns but they aren’t working, call us and let us assess the situation. We’ll test your lantern and your gas lines, figure out what isn’t working, and get it repaired so you can use your gas lanterns as soon as possible.

We also perform regular lantern maintenance. This includes:

  • Cleaning your lantern and removing any debris, offering enhanced airflow for your mantle
  • Blowing out your gas lines
  • Cleaning the various parts of your lantern and making sure they are functioning properly
  • Checking your lantern glass for cracks or damage, and making sure it is clean

Gas lanterns are a fun, unique way to make your home or office a special place that people will remember. If your lanterns are installed properly, maintained regularly, and repaired when necessary, they will last for many years. Call us today to schedule a consultation about installing lanterns or to get some help with gas lantern maintenance and repairs.