Did you experience flooding as a result of hurricane Irma?


“…all flood damaged plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical appliances and related systems should be replaced, rather than repaired.”

If your home experienced flooding as a result of the recent storm, you should not attempt to repair any flood damaged appliances, including AC units, hot water heaters or other household items.  The tolerances for these units is extremely small and could be extremely dangerous if not cared for by a professional.

Even if your appliances seem to be operating, you should have them service by a professional to avoid potential damage to your home or personal injury.

“One homeowner, for example, suffered severe burns in a flash fire that occured when he tried to re-light the pilot on his flooded gas water heater.  The Association stresses that not only gas equipment is at risk, but also units using oil or electricity as the energy source.”

Call C&C Myers today at 843-800-4086 if any of your HVAC or plumbing appliances were flooded.  Do not attempt to use these appliances until they have been looked at by a professional.


Flood Damaged Appliance Resources

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