Preventative Maintenance vs Dental Checkup

Let’s be honest, the world of HVAC is a hard one to understand, and like most people, if you don’t work directly with it, you’re probably not understanding it. It’s easy to put those monotonous and repetitive chores on the … Continued

Plumbing Tips For Summer

Plumbing Tips For The Summer The changing seasons always provide the perfect opportunity to address some maintenance tasks around the house. As spring turns to summer, there are several things to do to take care of your drains and prevent … Continued

Why HVAC Contractors Recommend Heat Pumps

Looking for a greener way to heat your home—not only to save the planet, but to cut down your energy bill, too? Your HVAC specialist knows just the thing: heat pumps. Efficient and reliable, heat pumps are a fantastic option … Continued

How Can I Improve My Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Your indoor air quality is pretty important; it’s the air you’re breathing every time you kick back and spend some time at home. If you’re sleeping, enjoying activities with family, working out, or cooking at home, you’re subjecting yourself to … Continued

Could HVAC Services Improve Your Health?

One part of our HVAC Services is air duct cleaning, and if there is one part of your home you want to be clean for your health, it’s your air duct system. With a dirty air duct system, you may … Continued

C&C Myers Sees 900 Percent Growth Since 2010

Leading Charleston area home services company aggressively hiring to meet growth needs MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. C&C Myers Heating, AC, Plumbing & Drains, Charleston’s preferred home services company, has grown from six to 60 employees in the past six years and … Continued