air conditioner repair technician mount pleasantAir Conditioning Repair

When your A/C dies and you just want to run around screaming, “Fix my air conditioner!,” that’s when you need to call us at C&C Myers. We have HVAC technicians who specialize in air conditioner repair in Charleston and the surrounding areas. In fact, we’ll take on any air conditioner service that you need to have done. When all you’ve Googled for the last few days is “How to fix my air conditioner,” then you’ll know it’s time to call us

When is it time for air conditioning repair?

Did you know that we can tackle air conditioner repair in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding areas before you run out of cold air in your home? That’s right! There are usually signs that your air conditioner is dying before it croaks. Notice these, call us, and get an air conditioner repair in place before you’re roasting at home.

  • Your air conditioner runs all the time. This can burn out the motor and make you freeze at home. Your A/C should shut down when it hits the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat. If it doesn’t, you need air conditioner service before your motor dies!
  • Your air conditioner shuts off, then turns on again rapidly. This is also hard on the motor. When your A/C shuts off, it should stay off until your house heats up again. Some days, this may only take a few minutes but that rest is still important for your A/C. If it’s not getting that, we’ll get you the air conditioner repair in Mount Pleasant that you need.
  • Your air conditioner makes unusual sounds. When you hear clanging and banging coming from your A/C unit, it’s time to call in the professionals. We’ll find out what has broken off or gotten inside your A/C, then get it out, repair any damage, and get things up and running for you again soon.
  • You aren’t entirely comfortable at home even though your air conditioner seems to be running fine. If you’re always looking up “how to fix my air conditioner” because you feel like yours isn’t working well, you can call us instead. We’ll figure out why it isn’t working for you and get things functional again soon.
  • You keep cranking down the thermostat to stay cool. You should be able to set your thermostat, then stop thinking about it until temps cool off outside. If you can’t do that, our experts will come get you the fix you need so you can stop fussing with it.

Give us a call and we’ll come perform your air conditioner repair in Charleston or nearby areas before you get too warm at home. We live in the area as well as work here, so we know just how much you need a fully functional A/C during those hot summer days. Instead of screaming, “Will someone, anyone please fix my air conditioner?!” pick up the phone can call C&C Myers as soon as you notice a problem.