HVAC & Plumbing in Summerville

a home in summerville sc needing a plumber and air conditioningAre you living with HVAC or plumbing problems that you’d really like to get rid of? Or maybe you’d like to remodel your home but you’re not sure who can help you with your bathrooms or ductwork. No matter what you need, you can call your plumber and HVAC company in Summerville at C&C Myers. We’ll get the job done and stop your problems in their tracks.


We offer comprehensive HVAC services. From replacing your furnace to fixing your air conditioning in Summerville, we’ll make sure you get the service you need to stay comfortable in your house. We will help you with any repair, installation, replacement, or maintenance need that you have. We take pride in being the HVAC company in Summerville that so many people trust for all of their needs.

We specialize in air conditioning in Summerville because it gets so hot here! We’ll never ask you to stay uncomfortable at home for any longer than is absolutely necessary to get your A/C fixed or replaced. Even if we have to order parts, we’ll work hard to make sure you have a way to stay cool this summer. Stop roasting at home and take care of yourself this summer by calling C&C Myers for all of your A/C need!

Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that regular air duct cleaning in Summerville can keep your indoor air clear of dust and debris? If you or someone you love struggles with asthma and/or allergies, this might help them breathe easier and reduce symptoms at home. You can talk to your doctor about his or her recommendations, then call us at C&C Myers. We’ll make sure your air is clean. We are even willing to test it before and after air duct cleaning in Summerville to help you see how this service helps you out.


When you need a plumber in Summerville, call C&C Myers for that, too. Our experienced plumbers can help you with all of your plumbing repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance needs. We can even help you find answers for questions you have about your plumbing system. We specialize in repairs because that’s what we get the most calls about. When you need your drains cleaned, your toilet unclogged, or your sewer replaced, we have the people on staff who can do the job right the first time. We won’t waste your time, energy, or money. Instead, we’ll make sure everything gets fixed so you can get back to using your home normally.

Call us today to get your house working the way you need it to. No matter what it takes, our crew will get the job done as efficiently as possible. We’ll communicate with you all the way through so you’ll know what is going on and when you can plan on getting the job done. We’ll let you test things before we leave, just to make sure the job is up to your standards.